Quantum Technologyâ„¢ is a State of the Art Manufacturer of PC Systems and Network Device upgrades specializing in RAM Memory, Flash and Solid State Storage.

We manufacture, distribute, sell and support RAM Memory and Storage Upgrades for All brands and types of Servers, Desktops, Laptops, Tablet PC Systems, Routers, Printers, Music Devices and ANYTHING that takes Memory Upgrades. We support the full range of upgrades from the oldest-existing to the newest-release upgrades, including the very Hard-to-Find ones.

Our US-Based Manufacturing and Distribution Operation continuously sources components from worldwide partners to guarantee our customers Cutting-Edge Spec-Certified Technology Components at Commodity-Trading Pricing and efficiency. We are the Designated Supplier and Custom Contract Manufacturer for several Global Brand Technology-Intensive companies who demand Mission-Critical Product Quality and World-Class Service. We offer the best-anywhere Guarantees and an extremely efficient, Professionally Managed Supply Chain providing reliable Certified Quality Control and Consistent Commodity Pricing. A network of more than 10 US-Nationwide warehouses guarantees same-day fulfillment and Super-Fast, efficient fulfillment and delivery of orders.

Whether you are a Global-Brand, Multi-National Corporation, Government Purchasing Desk, Corporate IT Department or Single System End-User. We feature Expert Technical Assistance to help you with your manufacturing and/or upgrade requirements. A resident, US-Based team of Expert Upgrade Technicians is available 6 Days a week via our US Toll-Free Hotlines as well as 24/7 via email.

All of our products and services are backed by our Lifetime Warranty, Superior Guarantees, Policies and World-Class Customer Service. We guarantee our product and service offerings to be the best available anywhere and we challenge anyone to find a better overall deal, which we will immediately best upon verification.