The IBM/Lenovo ThinkPad 380/D 2635-1xx, 2xx, 3xx uses - - memory upgrades as listed in the detailed specifications below. All memory and other upgrades compatible with this system are listed on this page.

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Memory Type - -
Base Memory 8MB (Non-removable) or 16MB (Non-removable)
Upgrade Slots 1 Socket
Maximum Memory 40MB or 48MB with current Quantum Technology products 72MB or 80MB with 64MB module
Maximum Module Size
CPU & Chipset Intel Pentium 150 MHz
Bus Architecture PC Card

We currently do not offer any upgrades or upgrades are currently unavailable for purchase online. Please contact us to order upgrades for this device.

Upgrade References

The table below are references to other manufacturer part numbers which are specific to this device, have identical specifications to our components. This information is made available for your reference.
Part# Source References
KTM760ELD/8 8MB Module Kingston
KTM760ELD/16 16MB Module Kingston
KTM760ELD/32 32MB Module Kingston
KTM760X/64 64MB Module Kingston