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Quantum Technology HyperMedia™ RAM Memory uses proprietary technology and the highest possible quality grade of components and manufacturing processes to create the Highest Quality & Performance RAM Memory available for your system. The HyperMedia™ technology utilizes a lower power, cooler running module design to optimize memory functions for Intensive Multimedia applications, which are the most resource demanding applications in computing. All Original Manufacturer Factory Specifications are easily exceeded by this ultimate-grade component. The performance advantages are clearly apparent, especially when working with large powerful applications and large multi-media files. HyperMedia™ RAM Memory is NOT Gaming, overclock, High-Heat RAM Memory, but rather a State-of-the-art RAM Memory in a class by itself amongst would-be high performance RAM Memory designs. Demanding media and IT professionals swear by the incredible performance of our HyperMedia™ RAM Memory.

This item has a Manufacturer Lifetime Warranty. Our Lifetime Warranty is 100% Transferrable and does not require an original receipt. All that is required to obtain a replacement under our warranty is the original item with the original barcode label on it.