Part Number 531ERLVDC7-2
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Quantum Technology™ Certified Spec RAM Memory is manufactured to 100% Original Manufacturer Certified Factory Specifications. We are a Registered Developer with every Major Manufacturer of PC Systems, Servers, Laptops and Consumer Electronics Worldwide.  We incorporate dozens of pages of Original Manufacturer Factory specifications into each of our RAM Memory modules to ensure guaranteed original quality. This is a Far Superior grade of quality and performance RAM Memory than the commonly available guaranteed compatible offerings being offered at steep discounts everywhere online – you get what you pay for! DON'T RISK YOUR PRECIOUS SYSTEM AND DATA with Cheap, Generic, Sub-Spec and even Salvage, Used RAM Memory! Quantum Technology™ RAM Memory upgrades are aggressively, competitively priced against the Generic upgrades while offering a superior grade of product and performance – definitely the best way to go!

This item has a Manufacturer Lifetime Warranty. Our Lifetime Warranty is 100% Transferrable and does not require an original receipt. All that is required to obtain a replacement under our warranty is the original item with the original barcode label on it.